The first Kaleidoscope back in 2007 saw CDS’ debut as an initiative by a group of art enthusiasts with lofty dreams of conquering the local illustration scene with their unique pop-culture inspired art direction and to promote local creative talents to the Singapore community.

Over the years, CDS grew in strength to be a popular and well-regarded team of artists, actively engaging with the community and producing high quality illustrations for their fans while having plenty of fun!

Now, as an indie studio with a large international following online, CDS works closely with companies and agencies to create beautiful concept illustrations and popular branding visuals. Reflecting the studio’s origins, CDS also continue to advise and support student-led initiatives such as Extravaganza to provide more platforms for aspiring artists to debut.


Concept Art, Illustration, Comics, Animation! We have done them all.
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An artistic studio lives and dies by the tireless, enthusiastic team behind it.
CDS is proud to call these talents with us our own!


From the biggest of MNCs to the smallest of indie writers,
we have worked with a variety of clients to produce some outstanding, beautiful works.
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